Steps To A Successful Talent Agency Interview


HEADSHOTS - Make sure you have at LEAST two different headshots that show your character range and looks. Also, if you are being considered for their commercial and Theatrical division, make sure to have a headshot that reflects both. 

RESUME - Although the agent may print it out before your meeting, bring one just in case. You don't want to assume and have to ask them to print out something you should have had with you. Make sure both headshots and resume are up to date and accurately reflect your preferred roles and career trajectory. 

PORTFOLIO - If you are a model and meeting with an agency for their print or runway divisions, make sure you have your portfolio with a variety of looks. 


Have a clear vision of your acting style, your age range, and your type. It can help to have a few actors that you model yourself after to guide you in these decisions. Often, what we would like to pursue does not match how agents, casting directors, or audiences view us – be sure to ask others that know you and allow the agent to guide you in these decisions. Make sure to have a clear image of where you want your career to go – yes, everyone wants to be a leading actor – so be realistic in your aspirations. This doesn't happen overnight. Be prepared to discuss where you are RIGHT NOW and what you need to do to get you closer to your career goals. The talent agency will take you more seriously if you know yourself, your abilities and are prepared to put in the work necessary to achieve the career you want. 


If specific work or training on your resume is referenced, be prepared to answer detailed questions about the people you have worked with on set, in castings, or during training. Don’t be afraid to name names. Everyone in the industry is connected!  For this same reason, never talk down or badly about others in the industry. It ruins your professionalism and your chances of creating a large network that can help you propel your career. Look back on your history and be able to pinpoint recurring themes in your work like similar roles and age ranges that you got call backs for. This will help you flush out your perception of yourself as an actor and focus on what others have seen in you. It will also show the agent how different casting offices perceive your look.


Do your research on the agency or agent you decide to reach out to and hopefully meet with. The marriage of Agent and Client is one of the defining relationships of your career. It's bi-directional, complex and based off of mutual respect, communication and faith. It only works if both sides are doing their part. Be sure to ask if you will be represented by one person or a team. If being represented by 1 agent is most important to you, be sure to meet with the agent who will be representing you. Oftentimes, it's not about the agency, but the agent. 

Having the knowledge of who you are and what you want as a professional artist will make it easier for parties to know if they will be a good fit at the interview. By bringing that definition of yourself, you are helping the agent assess if they 'get' you as an artist. The right agent for you will have the skills and knowledge to represent you in a style that is mutually beneficial. Not every artist wants the same career and not every artist wants the same style of representation. This should be a MAJOR consideration when looking into and meeting with an agency/agent. 


So, the interview went well, and you've just signed with your new talent agency! GREAT! You said all the right things and now it's time to act on them. Show your agent that you mean business and are willing to go the distance. Always look to improve your craft through classes and acquiring new skills. It is imperative that you stay current and up-to-date with all industry standard materials. Demonstrate your communication skills and let them know that you will be sure to notify them of book-out dates and new updates as they relate to your career. Trust your agent and their guidance. Keeping your headshots, resume, and online profiles current is imperative and required for your agent to represent you. Agents LOVE to market their clients. They love it even more when they constantly have new, strong materials to work with! You will love getting the work from it! 


Always remember that you and your agent are a team! Build and solidify that relationship. Work together to grow and become a strong and successful team together. You are an investment to your agent. They only get paid when you book. Your relationship is a full circle and cannot work if one of you no longer sees the vision you created together. Like any relationship, it takes constant work, effort and communication. Work hard and enjoy your new relationship! 

Written by: Andrea Guedes 

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